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Director's introduction

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to visit our website.


Many claim to be experts in their field, but in many cases, their experience can actually be quite limited.


Contractors offering resin flooring services are no different, so for you to get the right solution, at the right price and to be sure what you get will last, you need to speak to an expert.


With this in mind, and to provide a clear insight to the expertise we have in BIF,  I'd like to take a moment below to introduce ourselves properly. 


Simon Bellamy

Managing Director

Relevant Experience

We've been a resin flooring specialist installation company for 48 years.

We've worked in most sectors, but Food Process, Engineering & Secure Accommodation sectors are the most significant for us. 

In almost any productive environment downtime is the greatest obstacle, so providing long term solutions, planning the work correctly (to minimise client disruption) and providing solutions which prevent the need for regular repair or replacement, all matter.


We've completed some of the most complex installations and by careful planning, getting the specification detail right and by directly employing our experienced installation teams, our projects are completed on time and to the agreed cost. These points, together with our safe working practices and our attention to detail, builds trust and helps us achieve consistent high quality.

Project Management

When planning a project, involving us early in your planning process can help you with budget and Programme planning. We'll provide fully costed proposals, attend planning meetings and be a part of your team throughout the project. When our own installation teams arrive to complete the work, we'll monitor their progress and quality by making regular management team visits and we'll advise of necessary Programme changes, to prevent delays or to help mitigate their effect.


We've completed many complex new build & refurbishments, and our Management & Installation Teams are regularly praised for the way we approach projects, keeping to the Programme whilst checking quality as our work progresses. 

BIF were also one of the first contractors to successfully bring industrial resin floor finishes into retail, commercial or public spaces.


Over the years, the durability of the resin floor installations we've completed has been proven, thanks to correct preparation, detailing and the care taken by our team during installation.

Planning and managing a project correctly is critical to our success and by working closely with our customers, we achieve a correctly detailed, well installed project which performs in use.


With such a wide spread of experience, we understand the systems and techniques needed to meet the needs of specific areas. Each sector may be demanding in particular aspects, but each commonly need to be restored to normal running without undue delay, and by design, we make sure this is achieved.

It's also important that any installation is free of defects but we achieve consistent high quality because we are structured, organised and we employ the right people. 



Where failure is not an option

Regretably, the failure rate of a resin floor is known to be quite high.


Generally, this is a failure tends to be caused by either;

  • failing to adequately repair/prepare substrates and;

  • failing to understand how a resin finish will work in use.


Inexperience or cutting corners to reduce costs, contribute largely to resin finish failure and true expertise comes from those who can identify effective preparation and successfully repair surfaces, before a resin finish is applied. Resin application can be straightforward, but most of the actions which create success occur in the early stages of a project.

We have a number of proven unique techniques we've developed for repairing damaged surfaces. We also have systems where we can build in particular strengths needed for a new resin finish; by tailoring the flooring system, we reduce costs for the customer and provide a finish to meet their needs more precisely.

Over a Decade of doing things differently

In 2008 we decided to find new ways of doing things.


After researching the European resin industry we contacted several  manufacturers who were not, at that time, exporting to the UK, and discovered new types of systems from manufacturers based in Switzerland, Italy & Germany.


During this process, we also discovered that European resin contractors often worked quite differently to contractors in the UK, often using quite different installation techniques.

We adopted many of these techniques and we quickly found improvements in durability and appearance, but we also found improvements in speed of installation.


2014 saw our largest resin flooring project to date, with over 6,500m2 of polymer screed and resin floor finishes. This significant project took us 12 months to complete, with phased working to an agreed Programme we closely project managed the installation with our Client and completed the works on time and to the agreed value. Net Contract Value £760,000.

The coming year sees another, major installation requiring unique solutions to refurbish interior floor, wall & ceiling surfaces in an old mill building. Again, by doing things differently, we were able to mirror what the Client wanted to achieve by providing unique solutions which were competitively priced and which satisfied performance and aesthetic needs.

Our People

Our business is all about our people. How we perform, how we behave and how accountable we are to our customers is pivotol to everyone in this company.


Our performance builds trust with our customers, and as most of our business comes from continued customer contact,  achieving or exceeding what the customer expects, remains so important to us.


Where it may now be commonplace for our competitors to hire subcontract labour to complete their work, we still choose to directly employ our installation teams. By working closely with our team, we're able to provide consistently positive customer experiences and achieve consistent, high quality.


The photograph above shows how we took an old, heavily patched up and uneven 80 year old concrete floor to  become a durable modern working surface.  Our team completed concrete repairs to stabilise the slab, removed level undulation using our fibre bonded screed, before finishing the floor with an epoxy self flowing screed.


Collaborative working eases problems, so we help you cost, plan and implement a project, no matter how complex a project may be.


On completion we continue our support and will remain on hand to  promptly attend to any defects should they arise.


Our Assurance of Performance details how the workmanship of our team and performance of material are covered, should issues develop later, or where something goes wrong, we'll work with our custmer to put it right.  


The following assurances are provided;


Resin Floor Coatings - 12 months

Resin Floor Screeds- 5 years

Hygienic Wall Cladding - 10 years 

food process button.png


Any flooring project has potential to be problematic, but resin flooring projects can be very costly to rectify if the choice of system, the preparation or the skill and attention to detail by the installation team isn't right.


BIF have an excellent reputation for getting the detail right and for supporting our customers by providing the standard of installation and the reliability of our service, needed.


Where customers do experience post-contract defects,  we work with our customer to promptly correct the problem, as part of our after sales service.

I hope that I've managed to set out how BIF work differently and why we are considered the safe choice by our customers.


If you would like to find out more on how we can support a project, please do get in touch and we'll be very pleased to help.

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