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Why BIF?


The big question for any business is why?


Our why is very simple. In business as a specialist resin installation company for almost 50 years, means the level of experience we have in resin flooring is greater than most other contractors.

The quality and durability of the systems provided have reinforced our reputation as a quality applicator of resin flooring systems & hygienic wall surfaces.

Whether you have an industrial or commercial project planned, we have the people capable of completing your project successfully and professionally by our;

Technical Ability

With a strong technical bias, we have an excellent reputation for overcoming site related technical issues, by taking time to understand the project and then proposing a solution to overcome issues you're likely to encounter. We regularly correct problems for customers, where other contractors have walked away, and we're trusted to provide quality and durability in complex situations by careful planning, maintaining good communication and by providing supervision, as the work progresses. 

Alternative Thinking

We have a very high success rate in overcoming many of the issues our customers may have. We won't follow the crowd, so you'll see that we'll quite often offer alternative ways to complete your project. These methods can reduce cost and but will also improve performance, and with any recommendations we make, technical reasoning will be provided, for your consideration.


We provide guidance to Engineers, Architects & Project Managers on suitable preparation or substrate repair techniques and suggest suitable resin systems, providing clear costs and options with continued technical support as requested or needed.


Our company also has access to several unique resin systems, which provide better solutions in certain situations. These are generally imported to the UK but we'll also work with UK resin formulators/ manufacturers on standard systems wherever possible.


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How we're different

Project Know-how

We work on projects from a single repair to covering an entire building, on projects with a Contract Value of up to £800,000.00.


We work on many industrial projects, but we also work on high end design inspired interiors projects and we're recognised for providing safe surfacing for custodial or secure hospital spaces too. We have the knowledge and the experience to get the detail right, first time. 


Quality & Safety

All projects are completed using our in-house installation teams, so we control quality and manage safe working procedures at all times. We operate an audited Health & Safety Policy and complete all projects in accordance with our Client's Environmental Policies.



Regardless of the origin of the finishes required, you'll find our pricing competitive, with our Price Promise; offering the best value to customers.


Our headliner is Laid to Last and this is a standard  we've worked incredibly hard to achieve.  It's a very big statement to make in our industry, but the philosophy to get things right is held throughout the company by all employees & it reflects the level of experience & the attention to detail we provide.  

Getting things right matters and to ensure we keep getting things right, our customers are required to complete a Customer Care Report once we've completed a project, which highlights to us where we've performed well and where we could do better.

Our Assurance of Performance is a commitment that the work we do, will perform in use. Problems customers encounter will be quickly corrected and we're always on hand after a project is completed to provide ongoing support.

Please get in touch by email at or call us at the office number below.

Call  0333 041 9003

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Further Information

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