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High Performance Resin Floors, Hygienic Walls & Ceilings



Who we are


We're very different to many similar specialists you may have come across.


We're a long established specialist contractor, with a strong bias on technical ability and we focus on doing work right first time. These two strengths mean we have a very high success rate in overcoming issues our customers have; we won't follow the crowd, so you'll often see that we'll offer alternative ways to complete a project, which reduce cost and/or improve performance. and we'll always provide recommendations with technical reasoning, for your consideration.

We provide guidance to Engineers, Architects & Project Managers looking to achieve the right level of finish and we'll sort out the detail clearly and agree costs with you before we proceed. 

We're regularly called on to correct failing resin finishes, where an incorrect specification or a poorly executed installation needs correction. Our remedies are supplied with our full assurance of performance. 


We use different resin systems to many, often choosing to import these from mainland Europe where they provide better answers in given situations, but we also work closely with UK based resin formulators on standard systems wherever possible.


Regardless of their origin, you'll find our pricing competitive, with our added Price Promise; and we'll match comparative rates whenever possible.

We're also completely independent, with no allegiance to a particular manufacturer. We provide what we believe to be the best answer to meet the needs of a project, ensuring that our team install it correctly, then remain on hand to ensure our solution works satisfactorily.


Laid to Last is our headliner and one which we're very proud of.  It's a very big statement to make in our industry, but this philosophy is held throughout our company & it reflects the level of experience & the level of customer care provided.  A very high proportion of our business is generated by returning customers because they have earned faith in what we do and have secured trust that we'll perform safely & with diligence we're on site.

Every project is also supplied with our Assurance of Performance, where we'll return and support you if an issue develops with our completed installation. 


Our after-sales care has been praised by many of our customers and forms an important final part in us providing our customer with a risk free, reliable and quality service.


How we're different


Whilst we provide largely the same resin systems as similar contractors, we also import some unique systems from Switzerland & Germany. 


Our imported resin flooring systems have proved to be hugely successful, providing some remarkable benefits to our customers on a number of projects.


For example; 

  • We have options which help our clients reduce cost, by designing systems to suit their needs closely.


  • We can  provide floors with flatter, more consistent surfacing by use of Regulating Layers. 


  • We effectively repair damaged floors using unique repair processes and our ability to design a solution to overcome a particular problem is a special service we regularly provide to a wide range of sectors.

The range & variety of work we complete is equally unusual & we're as comfortable refurbishing a worn out industrial floor finish in a busy food factory as we are installing stunning cast resins in a commercial or residential project.


Attention to detail & getting the detail right means improved site quality & this is primarily why we've become recognised as specialists in niche sectors such as in secure environments, where the continuous safety of people in care or detention are paramount; or in Aerospace, where precision is needed to provide surfaces which protect sensitive electrical devices from static discharge.

Whatever your project may be, we would really like to get involved. Our team will provide guidance, help you plan and cost the project and remain on hand to support the project whenever you need us.

Please get in touch by email at or call us at the office number below.

Call  01777 709 500


Further Information