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High Performance Resin Floors, Hygienic Walls & Ceilings


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We all want public buildings to be clean, safe and look good.


A resin floor offers an opportunity to give an interior something unique whilst also providing a highly durable and safe working surfaces.


Over 10 years ago, BIF saw potential in bringing industrial resin flooring forward into commercial environments. This philosophy has proved a success in several large and many smaller scheme projects and today BIF have a wide experience of installing resin flooring within public access areas in commercial & retail projects.


Our talented teams of installers understand the level of detailing required to make a good job a great one. Many of the materials we use are imported from mainland Europe because they offer very high quality finishing at a very competitive rates.

Completed Projects

Our Services Explained

Minor Building Works

  • Removal of defective screeds, concrete, plinths, chambers and bunds

  • Reconstruction and modifications to floor level

  • Infilling redundant service ducting points

Surface Preparation & Repair Techniques


  • Encapsulated Shotblast,

  • Diamond Grinding

  • Scarifying surfaces

  • Stabilising defective surfaces with fibre reinforcement

  • Resin Injection and stitch repair cracked concrete

  • Stabilising oil contaminated surfaces

  • Expansion Joint Arris Reinstatement

  • Waterproofing

Floor Surfaces

  • Floor Level Regulation to SR2 or SR1 Flatness specification

  • Application of resin floor coatings, screeds and mortars

  • Installation of expansion joints (Stainless, Aluminium or Resin)

  • Installation of surfaces having a  safety slip rating R8, R10 or R12

Drainage Systems

  • Supply of Stainless Steel Channels, Gulleys , Chambers & Sumps

  • Repair and re-use of existing (damaged) drainage systems

  • New build and Retrofit drainage installations

Wall & CEILING Finishes

  • Application of Hygienic Epoxy Wall Coating and seals

  • Installation of Hygienic PVCu Wall Facings

  • Repairs to existing wall finishes

Finishes which may be of interest...

BIF - EP - Quartz

EP Quartz web.PNG


Medium to Heavy Duty industrial floor screed. The system provides a decorative extremely hard wearing finish with smooth or textured surface options.


3 standard or 5mm thickness.


Smooth or Textured Surface Finish options.

Satin Seal to reduce glare 


Areas of use 

Changing Rooms,

R&D Labs,


Washroom Areas & Canteen.

Static Dissipative Option Available

BIF - EP - Flow

EP Flow Web.PNG


Heavy / Heavy duty industrial floor screed used extensively in FOD Prevention areas.  Quick to install & provides excellent an excellent clean room surface.


2mm standard or 4mm thicknesses

Textured Surface Finish options.

Areas of use

Production Areas

Clean Rooms

R&D Labs


Static Dissipative Option Available

BIF - P - Comfort

Pu Elastic web.PNG