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We design floor finishes so that you get the performance you want. Structure, thickness, texture, colour, resistance to chemicals can all be tailored to meet your needs.

Using approved variations, we make industrial floors relevant for their intended use, keeping costs down whilst building durability in.

UV Sealer


Regulating Layer

Reconstruction Layer

Before we apply a new floor finish,


  • We will look at your floor to determine what attention the existing floor will need before a new floor finish is applied.

  • Establish what you want or need from a new floor surface

  • Discuss what slip, chemical, thermal & load resistance the floor will have to cope with.

  • Confirm the amount of time available before the area is put back into use.

  • Propose a detailed scope of work for your approval

We also consider;

  • Types of Resin There are several types of resins, each with individual characteristics which make them better or less suited to particular applications and site conditions; these are Epoxy, Polyurethane, Methyl Methacrylate, Polyurea, Polyaspartic & Polymer resins.  

  • Surface Flatness SR2 Specification is generally the standard in most buildings, but occasionally an SR1 Specification is needed (to achieve a far flatter surface).

  • Drainage Requirements - Where liquid spillage is likely, we also consider drainage requirements and can build in graduated floor levels to help aid liquid dispersion to drainage points as part of our design.

BIF provide options for either a standard system from a UK manufacturer, or an alternative solution from manufacturing partners we work closely with in mainland Europe, so you obtain the best answer before we start. This is a major reason that BIF installations perform in use.

Our Surface Engineered floor systems are constructed from a combination (or all) of the following layers;

Reconstruction Layer

We have a variety of fast cure, high strength screeds & mortars which allow us to repair, level off, stabilise and strengthen existing floor surfaces. Use of fibre reinforcement improves the Shear Strength of our screeds and use of special primers aids Tensile abilities, even in thinner section installations of 10-50mm thickness.

This layer also enables us to improve self draining properties of a floor after installing new drainage channels and gulleys, constructing graduated designed falls across a factory area.

Regulating Layer

Used for finer adjustment of level, as well as priming, moisture suppression, shrinkage crack resistance & improving the durability of the chosen resin flooring system; we apply one or more fibre reinforced layers to help us achieve the level of performance you're looking for.


This is the body of the chosen flooring system and provides the chosen level of slip resistance, the floor  colour and will provide the majority of the physical tolerance of the floor.

Sealer Layer

Applied as one or more layers, the Sealer Layer provides additional UV Resistance, helps improve cleaning & de-soiling properties of the floor. These performance coatings provide exceptional resistance to wear.

Designing a floor system for performance allows us to offer flooring solutions which match your needs closely and will be very  price competitive on a wide range of project types. 

In a highly competitive market, our ability to offer attractively priced, technically superior answers have led BIF to have been awarded many significant projects where the technical submission of our bid proved an attractive alternative to standard resin systems. Preferences  being both performance and price based.

With our unique approach, BIF have developed a great reputation for delivering high quality, attractive and extremely durable resin flooring installations.



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