BIF - EP - QuartzAS

BIF-EP-QuartzAS is unique because it combines a decorative surface with a fibre reinforced base which allows the system to overcome minor building shrinkage or settlement. 


The system is quick to install over larger areas and using latest technology, BIF-EP-QuartzAS captures static charge and removes it to Earth to prevent damage to electrically sensitive devices (ESD's). Unlike virtually any other system, BIF-EP-QuartzAS does not use carbon to take static charge from the surface and this allows a stronger and more resistant wearing surface finish. 

The system is imported from Switzerland and is proven on many significant manufacturing projects. Details can be provided on request, but over the last 8 years , we have completed several important ESD projects in the UK for Pharmaceutical & electronics manufacturing clients.

Previous Projects

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Compliance Testing

Every ESD floor that we install can be independently tested to ensure it conforms to the agreed standard on request.


BIF will hire an independent, qualified engineer to complete the tests and provide a Certficate of Compliance for your records.


System Structure

BIF-EP-QuartzAS is a unique flooring system. The system delivers;


  • Strong aesthetics,

  • Excellent durability,

  • Excellent underfoot safety (or optional smooth finish)

  • Impervious & hygienic.

  • Strength (70N/mm2)


These finishes are the first choice in many industrial, commercial & public sector projects and we can adapt the system for use on most projects.


The process of installation also differs from most other similar systems and gives a very flat and consistent surface finish.


BIF have successfully installed this system in the following areas;


  • Corridors

  • Electronics Assembly

  • Aerosol Manufacturing areas

  • Aerospace Assembly & Testing

  • Operating Theatres & Morturies

  • Food Production & Process Halls

  • Lecture & Study Rooms

  • Vehicle Workshops

The system is more robust than many comparable systems because where many offer carbon infused screeds, this system uses metallic aggregate blended within the screed mix. Both will take charge down to earth, but a metallic system will provide greater durability, with greater colour choice for those wanting a lighter, light reflective floor finish.


BIF have installed over 23,000 sqm of BIF-EP-Quartz in the UK over the last 10 years, with over 2000 sqm of BIF-EP-QuartzAS on a number of key projects in Pharmaceutical, Defence & Electronics projects. The system is fast to install and significant cost reductions can be seen on larger projects, where fixed costs level out. Please contact us for further detail



High Load Resistance

Chemical Resistance



Excellent Aesthetics

Scratch Resistant



Heat Resistant

Seamless Hygiene



Anti Static Option

Carbon Layer

Colour Range

QC-101 AS
QC-701 AS
QC-707 AS
QC-702 AS
QC-706 AS
QC-201 AS
QC-204 AS
QC-203 AS
QC-200 AS
QC-301 AS
QC-606 AS
QC-601 AS
QC-604 AS
QC-500 AS
QC-600 AS
QC-503 AS
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