We have a proven track record of high quality in Aerospace.

Resin Flooring for Aerospace

BIF provide a complete service to specify, plan and guide you through a project

From durable floor coatings to static dissipative screeds for ESD areas, our team have a proven track record in delivering very high quality in this sector.

We remain one of the few specialist contractors to directly employ our installation teams, who have worked on some of the most sensitive projects in the UK. 

Every BIF installation carries our assurance that the floor we install will perform too, so if you are planning a project please get in touch to see how we can support the project.

To discuss a project, please call;

01777 709 500

and ask for our Technical Team

Guidance & Advice

BIF have worked in Aerospace for almost 20 years, advising and working closely with our customers to provide lasting solutions.


Chemical resistance, ease of cleaning and the protection of sensitive electronic components  are areas we have specific experience with.


Our Complete Service

We're available at any stage you want to involve us. We can provide technical guidance, provide specifications and add certainty to costs required to complete any project you're looking at. Where a floor or wall finish needs evaluation, we'll provide samples for testing and we'll look closely at your building and recommend what preparation or repairs may be necessary before the installation commences.

Critical Elements

For us, the most important steps we need to take when we become involved with a project are to provide the right advice, to deliver what we promise on time and to the agreed cost but to also remain on hand to ensure our finish performs in use.

This process is only achievable because every project we complete is installed using our own team of installers, overseen by our own management team.

Floors, Walls & Ceilings

Whether you need to improve light reflection, underfoot safety, provide an ESD protected work area, or improve the aesthetics of an area, BIF provide a fast, efficient and very cost effective level of support on your project.


We have complimentary services available for covering walls & columns with wipe down hygienic cladding or hygienic wall coating options.


Similarly, a hygienic ceiling finish will complete the refurbishment with the added option to include flush lighting.

Assurance of Performance

Unlike so many other contractors, BIF provide an assurance that the work completed and the guidance provided by our team, will perform satisfactorily and prove to be durable.

Many projects we complete prove the need to specify materials, prepare surfaces and apply materials correctly and this assurance means that where we've failed to provide the right service, we put it right. 

For more information on our Assurance of Performance, please follow this link.