High performance  floors for  Precision Engineering.

Resin Flooring for Precision Engineering

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High Performance Resin Floors, Hygienic Walls & Ceilings


We have the materials & experience to support high precision assembly & manufacturing.

From durable floor coatings to antistatic screeds for ESD areas, our team have a proven track record in delivering very high quality in this sector, able to achieve SR1 Flatness where required.

We remain one of the few specialist contractors to directly employ our installation teams, who have worked on some of the most sensitive projects in the UK. 

Every BIF installation carries our assurance that the floor we install will perform too, so if you are planning a project please get in touch to see how we can support the project.

To discuss a project, please call;

01777 709 500

and ask for our Technical Team

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BIF have an track record in refurbishing engineering areas within the Aerospace sector, working reliably in some of the most secure or sensitive projects in the UK.


By directly employing installation teams, we help minimise risks normally associated with alternative firms using self employed labour only sub-contractor teams.


We aim to use the same team throughout each project, so we help minimise the number of site inductions required & reduce the number of security clearances to help your vetting procedures.


BIF will help you choose the right floor, work around your production needs and deliver a project which will help inspire your customers and your staff. We'll also provide a written assurance that our installation will provide durability in use.

BIF provide durable seamless surfacing which provide a safe, clean working environment which support foreign object debris prevention standards.

Whether you need to improve light reflection, underfoot safety, provide an ESD protected work area, or improve the aesthetics of an area ready for a customer audit, BIF will provide a fast, efficient and very cost effective level of support on your project.


We have complimentary services available for covering walls & columns with wipe down hygienic cladding or hygienic wall coating options.


Similarly, a hygienic ceiling finish will complete the refurbishment with the added option to include flush lighting.



Our Services Explained

Minor Building Works

  • Removal of defective screeds, concrete, plinths, chambers and bunds

  • Reconstruction and modifications to floor level

  • Infilling redundant service ducting points

Surface Preparation & Repair Techniques


  • Encapsulated Shotblast,

  • Diamond Grinding

  • Scarifying surfaces

  • Stabilising defective surfaces with fibre reinforcement

  • Resin Injection and stitch repair cracked concrete

  • Stabilising oil contaminated surfaces

  • Expansion Joint Arris Reinstatement

  • Waterproofing

Floor Surfaces

  • Floor Level Regulation to SR2 or SR1 Flatness specification

  • Application of resin floor coatings, screeds and mortars

  • Installation of expansion joints (Stainless, Aluminium or Resin)

  • Installation of surfaces having a  safety slip rating R8, R10 or R12

Drainage Systems

  • Supply of Stainless Steel Channels, Gulleys , Chambers & Sumps

  • Repair and re-use of existing (damaged) drainage systems

  • New build and Retrofit drainage installations

Wall & CEILING Finishes

  • Application of Hygienic Epoxy Wall Coating and seals

  • Installation of Hygienic PVCu Wall Facings

  • Repairs to existing wall finishes

Finishes which may be of interest...

Finishes which may be of interest...

BIF - EP - Quartz

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Medium to Heavy Duty industrial floor screed. The system provides a decorative extremely hard wearing finish with smooth or textured surface options.


3 standard or 5mm thickness.


Smooth or Textured Surface Finish options.

Satin Seal to reduce glare 


Areas of use 

Changing Rooms,

R&D Labs,


Washroom Areas & Canteen.

Static Dissipative Option Available