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As an SME installing resin materials, our place in the  sustainable world is complex & can be difficult to understand.


We use fuel & chemicals, we produce waste and use energy every day we work.


We dispose of site waste by the tonne and we create dust whilst we do it.


But there's a hidden value in what we do...


Our materials improve people's safety, we create hygienic work spaces and we install materials that will last longer than traditional floor and wall finishes.

Many of our systems can be refurbished, limiting the waste and energy needed when replacing vinyl flooring.

Reducing our Carbon Emissions

  • Employing local staff mean fewer, shorter journeys. Some staff cycle or walk to work

  • Our energy efficient offices mean lower use of energy

  • Our continued switch to low voltage lighting across the business reduces energy consumption

  • Modern, well maintained fleet vehicles reduce fuel consumption & spares needed

  • Loose aggregates are recycled & we minimise waste by only mixing sufficient material to complete a job.



Supporting our Local Community

  • Employing local people helps support the local economy

  • We support local business by sourcing from local suppliers where possible

  • We train & develop our staff, encouraging their personal development

  • We use local Plant Hire, Mechanics, Builders Merchants & IT providers

  • We support local schools by offering work experience placements

  • We support local fundraising and charity events



Providing Better Prospects for our People

  • We develop our employees to become specialist skilled workers

  • Staff have developed into key management positions within BIF or with other companies

  • 40% of our staff have been with us for over 15 years

  • Our company provide staff with long term employment security


Protecting our Environment

  • Using resin flooring materials provides a safe, inert & durable finish

  • Our resin finishes are inert when cured & last for years in busy buildings

  • Most of our resin floors can be refurbished (not replaced) after 10 years

  • Our finishes outlast many alternatives

  • Our resin finishes provide improved hygiene in industry & inside public buildings

  • Our Hygienic Wall Cladding provide improved hygiene over ceramic tiling

  • Our materials improve the safety of people & the hygiene of buildings

  • We keep waste to a minimum to reduce our footprint



Reducing Landfill

  • We sort and safely dispose of waste using Licensed Waste Specialists

  • Between 92 - 96% of waste removed from our site is recycled.

  • Unused aggregates are repackaged & returned to our Stores for re-use.

  • Our fibre reinforced resins can obviate the need to uplift old tiles

  • Our concrete repair techniques often reduce the need to remove damaged concrete

  • BIF can source reclaimed or recycled aggregates in our screed systems on request.

  • BIF are developing finishes which incorporate recycled material.



Being a Leader in our Sector

  • Our people support improved safety, environmental & technical advances

  • Staff skills allow new ideas to improve installation standards & techniques

  • Our reputation is for quality, service and continued support to every customer of BIF



Building a Successful Business for the Future

  • Investing in people fuels our future success

  • Developing new techniques & systems ensures a competitive edge

  • Seeking new markets builds a stronger future potential

  • Maintaining quality keeps existing customers returning to us

  • Reducing waste helps cut operating cost , which improves our profitability

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