BIF - EP - GripEco

BIF-EP-GripEco provides a tough and attractive industrial floor finish with good slip resistance and an easily cleanable resin finish.


Using the same techniques to level off uneven surfaces of our more expensive Quartz systems, BIF-EP-GripEco provides the right answer to choosing an industrial floor finish which is quick to install, will last for years and all at a reasonable cost.

Tough & durable, the system uses a fine sized natural Quartz and Bauxite aggregates to provide high wear resistance. Where many slip resistant finishes are simply coated on, the texture on BIF-EP-GripEco is taken from aggregate cast throughout it's thickness, giving the finish a long term level of durability.


Suitable for foot and heavy wheeled traffic in even the busiest corridors, assembly and production areas, BIF-EP-GripEco offers a very attractive package in a wide range of situations.

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Colour Range

Colour Range

Grip Eco Cloud
Grip Eco Silver
Grip Eco Mid Grey
Grip Eco Storm
Grip Eco Winter
Grip Eco Portland
Grip Eco Biscuit
Grip Eco Wedgewood
Grip Eco Indigo
Grip Eco Mint
Grip Eco Coal
Grip Eco Heather
Grip Eco Sage
Grip Eco Forest
Grip Eco Safety Red
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System Structure

BIF-EP-GripEco is an epoxy resin based floor finish. Stabilisation is achieved by use of a fibre reinforced Regulating layer, onto which a Baselayer of epoxy is fully blinded with Quartz Aggregate. The finish is then grout filled with a Clear Epoxy Layer before a final Clear Polyurethane Layer is applied.


The finish achieved is flat, consistent, easy to clean.



Surface finish can be tailored to your design. In its standard form, the surface finish provides a good level of slip resistance. By increasing the layer of epoxy, the finish can be engineered to be completely smooth if the system is intended for dry areas.


Available with either a clear or coloured seal, BIF-EP-GripEco provides a tough working surface at a realistic cost for industrial applications.


Suitable for;


  • Warehousing

  • Safety Walkways

  • Engineering Works

  • Auto Repair Centres

  • Assembly Lines

  • Works Changing Rooms & Washrooms



System Structure


The system consists of just 2 main sections. Each can be modified to suit situations on site, or tailored to give you more of what you need.

Section 1 - Regulation Layer

This provides a stabilising and smoothing layer over your existing floor. We can include a chemical DPM here, or include additional fibre reinforcement. Where the floor needs leveling we tailor the regulation process to provide the necessary amount of smoothing.

Section 2 - Body Layer

Once the floor is sufficiently smooth, our team apply a layer of resin pre-blended with fine aggregate. The surface is then finished with a coloured resin.


Line Marking Options



High Load Resistance

Chemical Resistance



Excellent Aesthetics

Scratch Resistant



Heat Resistant

Seamless Hygiene



Anti Static 

Are you looking for durable safety line markings?
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