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Safety Line Marking

When the safety of staff and visitors walking across your site matters, finding a durable solution can be a problem.

Use of self adhesive tapes, or painting the floor have their place, but lines and walkways prepared and cast correctly in epoxy resin provide needed lines and safe walkway zones with far greater longevity.

BIF will carry out surface preparation, making good loose or friable surfaces before line markings are applied as a standard part of our service.

A call to 01777 709500 is all we need and a member of our team will provide either likely budget costs with you, or arrange for a site survey, before a firm fixed price to complete the work is provided. We will work on any site across mainland UK during normal working hours (where permitted) or complete works overnight or over weekends if access is an issue for you.

Line marking is only one part of the story. All employers are required to provide a safe means of access across a site. This often means providing a safe walking surface, which again we can assist you with.


BIF Line Marking
BIF Line Marking
BIF Line Marking
BIF Line Marking
BIF Line Marking
BIF Line Marking
BIF Line Marking
BIF Line Marking
BIF Line Marking
BIF Line Marking
BIF Line Marking
BIF Line Marking
BIF Line Marking
BIF Line Marking
BIF Line Marking

Areas subject to foot traffic only can benefit from our self adhesive PVC Line system, which will provide a neat, long term effective solution (particularly where we've also installed a new resin floor surface. Our team will prepare and prime surfaces before applying the PVC line, giving an incredibly durable, neat and durable demarcation system.


We Help To Plan the Work With You

Final details are agreed such as start & finish times, access routes, waste removal & we'll provide full RA/MS detailing the work.

For heavier duty areas, walkways and crossing points can be installed using thicker epoxy resin systems. The crossing point above is a 4mm thick cast epoxy resin to withstand high levels of forklift truck traffic passing over the crossing point. Walkways either side revert to high build epoxy coatings, as they are solely for foot traffic.


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