BIF Resin Floor Coatings

Industrial Resin Floor Coatings provide a fast, economical answer for areas needing a tough, dust-free floor finish.

You may have tried a floor paint, but BIF install the latest, most advanced resin floor coatings which provide significantly better performance.


Achieving a durable surface starts by choosing the most suitable type of coating and the most effective method of floor preparation.


We include concrete repair as part of our scope, so if your floor shows signs of cracking, wear or damage, our team will stabilise the surface before any resin is applied so that your new floor finish takes daily use  for  years to come.

Waterbased Epoxy Coating

200 micron Dry Film Thickness


Applied in two coats, these 2-component coatings provide excellent penetration and adhesion and offer excellent abrasion resistance.


Typical areas of use;


  • Warehousing & Storage

  • Light Industrial Units

  • Plant Rooms

  • Service Corridors

  • Light Engineering

  • Manufacturing Environments

  • Vehicle Body Shops

  • Inspection Bays


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High Build Epoxy Coating

500 micron Dry Film Thickness

BIF-EP-HB Coating 3D.PNG

Installed as a 2 or 3 coat system (with optional DPM Primer), these tough floor coatings provide a high gloss sheen and are commonly used in areas such as;


  • Busy Warehouse & Storage areas

  • Plant Rooms

  • Aircraft Hangars

  • Mechanical Workshops

  • Distribution Centres

  • Light Engineering & Manufacturing Environments