BIF - EP - Quartz 

BIF-EP-Quartz is the revolutionary product which changed the way we viewed resin flooring. 


Equally at home in an industrial building, a commercial setting, or a secure environment,

BIF-EP-Quartz provides very high strength, excellent resistance to chemical attack together with delivering a floor with strong aesthetic value too.

Choose between a Gloss or a Satin finish, specify cove skirtings and even choose to dress the finish full height up wall surfaces, BIF can provide an extremely durable solution to busy or sensitive environments.

BIF-EP-Quartz is an extremely versatile system, used in so many different kinds of areas, but providing great durability and lasting looks.

BIF-R-Quartz is our latest development using rapid cure resin. Small rooms can be completed in just 2 days, ready immediately for full use.

Completed Projects

System Structure

Design Logic


The system consists of 3 main sections. Each can be modified to suit situations on site, or tailored to give you more of what you need.

Section 1 - Regulation Layer

This provides a stabilising and smoothing layer over your existing floor. If required we can include a chemical dpm here, and fibre reinforcement. Where the floor needs leveling we tailor the regulation process to provide the necessary amount of smoothing.


Section 2 - Quartz Body Layer

Once the floor is sufficiently smooth and level, our team apply a layer of resin and fully cast the surface with decorative aggregates. The surface is then filled with clear resin.

Section 3 - Surface Treatment

Depending on the type and degree of slip resistance needed, our team then treat the surface using specific techniques. The surface finish will be uniform in profile and appearance.

By working in this way, smaller areas won't take any longer to complete other similar systems, but you will get a very dense, attractive floor finish.


Significant savings can be seen on larger areas where the system saves time because it can be installed more quickly than similar materials. 


Whether your project is large or small, it's the surface regularity and consistency which appeals most to most to our customers.




High Load Resistance

Chemical Resistance



Excellent Aesthetics

Scratch Resistant