BIF - Pu - MortarHD

BIF-PU-MortarHD  is a very heavy duty industrial polyurethane resin screed installed in the toughest production environments. Providing hygiene, underfoot safety and withstanding chemical attack and thermal shock, it has become the preferred surface of many food and heavy process factories across the UK.

The system withstands steam cleaning and offers resistance to boiling hot liquids too.

BIF have extensive experience of installing this system to provide a very long lasting working surface, with many installations over 20 years old still in fully operational. 

BIF-PU-MortarHD is a sound investment for busy manufacturing & process areas where downtime for repairs would disrupt valuable production time. 

Previous Projects

Colour Range


System Structure

BIF-PU-MortarHD provides a matt, textured surface that is seamless and has excellent anti-slip properties.



System Benefits


  • High chemical resistance

  • Resistant to hot water and steam cleaning

  • Self-sealing

  • Anti-slip finish

  • Matt finish

  • Extremely hard wearing

  • Non-taint


Where To Use


BIF-PU-MortarHD can be used in all areas where high wear, combined with high chemical resistant floors are required, which are seamless and easy to maintain including:


  • Food manufacture and processing

  • Chemical plant processing

  • Medical and veterinary practice

  • Breweries

  • Dairies

  • Animal Husbandry

  • Heavy duty plant and traffic areas

  • Engineering

BIF-PU-MortarHD is a hybrid cement:polyurethane screed installed at 6mm thickness (10mm thickness where high liquid temperature spillage is likely). The system is purely an industrial finish, providing extremely good chemical resistance, resistance to impact and heavy loading and very good underfoot traction, even in wet or greasy environments.


Application of the screed is by trowel and the surface is finished by trowel, as no seal coats are required. This makes the screed quick to install, as traffic can access the area after just 24 hours, although full chemical resistance is achieved after 7 days.



This type of resin finish has been used on so many food process projects in the last 30 years, it is now considered to be the default system for food industry.  



High Load Resistance

Chemical Resistance



Excellent Aesthetics

Scratch Resistant



Heat Resistant

Seamless Hygiene



Anti Static Option

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