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BIF are a fully independent resin flooring & hygienic wall cladding installation contractor. This is important because we're able to provide  independent advice on the most suitable systems for you.


Over the years we have tried & tested many different materials from all major manufacturers, so we have an understanding that certain products perform better than others.

Our independent thinking led us to take the unusual step to source resin materials from outside the UK and we continue to import certain resin systems which cannot be found in the UK because they perform better in certain situations.

Our systems will generally use UK sourced materials and we use the techniques that we have gained over 40 years to ensure that systems we install provide excellent durability for our customers (details of how we achieve this can be found on our Assurance of Performance page.

BIF will only recommend materials that we know will perform well for you. We base our criteria on many performance measures which include;


  • Reliability of materials on site

  • Consistency of batch production

  • Ease of laying/application

  • Finished appearance

  • Durability & appearance retention

  • Price

  • Manufacturer Product Warranty & after-sales technical backup

  • Environmental considerations

  • Cure Rate & working time

  • Resin/filler content


So, having put many products under the spotlight, please remember that we only offer systems which we know work well and perform satisfactorily once the project is handed back to you. 

Our reputation relies on using the best material after all!

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