Healthcare Floors, Walls & Ceilings

Complete floor, wall & ceiling finishes for Healthcare

Seamless resin flooring & hygienic wall cladding installations throughout the UK.

Rigid & Flexible Resin Options

High Resistance to Impact & Loading

High Slip Resistance Safety Surfacing

Complete Aftersales Support

Assurance of Performance

Floor, Wall & Ceilings Options

BIF have worked in many Hospitals throughout Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire & Lancashire where we install hygienic wall cladding and resin flooring systems.


Known for our expertise in seamless Seclusion Room floor & wall installations in secure NHS sites, we also help refurbish hospital areas with our range of resin flooring and hygienic wall protection systems.


We're better equipped than most similar contractors to complete work with minimal disruption and to the highest possible standards because we directly employ our installation staff. This provides better consistency, less disruption to your site and far fewer inductions, with the same team returning to complete each task.

BIF provide resin flooring & hygienic wall cladding systems to suit;


Kitchen & Pot Wash areas

Ward, Reception & Circulation Areas

Treatment Rooms

Forensic & Pathology Areas

Stairs & Lift Lobbies

BIF install seamless floor and wall surfaces which withstand the knocks and bumps of busy treatment areas & support optimal hygiene.

Our installation warranties, which are provided on every installation, ensure that our customers receive the very best assurances that our installations last.