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Seamless resin flooring & hygienic wall cladding installations throughout the UK.

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The Right Guidance

Getting the right guidance and answers about Resin Flooring or Hygienic Wall Finishes can be a challenge for any Main Contractor or Designer.


Every manufacturer has an answer, but very few offer any assurance that what they say will work, actually works. Ask BIF and you'll be asking a reputable specialist subcontractor, with a depth of knowledge & a significant level of experience to provide you with the right advice.


The Right Experience

With so many  subcontractors around, choosing the right specialist is a challenge; more so with resin floor finishes, where quality varies greatly.


BIF have delivered consistent high quality to main contractors for over 20 years and being one of the first contractors to bring industrial finishes into commercial environments, our standard of detailing is exceptional.

Value Engineering


BIF have delivered project savings to main contractors for years.


Some systems we provide are unique,  increasing the performance or the aesthetics of finishes or reducing time we need to be on site.


We're equally at home supporting you by talking with the Architect or Client  before final approvals are achieved with the specification.

Advice on Call


We provide independent technical advice on a wide variety of resin floor systems.


Call us for guidance on suitable systems for a project. We can help add detail to a specification, or recommend an alternative which meets the performance need.


We provide costed proposals and where we are awarded the work, we  then provide written assurances of installation performance as part of our comprehensive package. 

Quality on Site

BIF are committed to delivering quality on every project we complete. We achieve consistently good quality by planning & controlling installations but also by directly employing our own installation teams.

Our teams are regularly praised for the way they complete a project, but more importantly how they work to support the needs of the main contractor. Being accommodating and supporting is part of what we do and our collaborative support on projects mean that we frequently win work based on our past performance.

Defect Rectification Projects

Over the last few years, main contractors have approached us for guidance to overcome quality or durability issues from installations completed by other companies. 

Whilst we won't interfere in ongoing disputes, we do provide a rectification service to correct defective works, where a reasonable outcome has been agreed. Further details on are available on request.

To find out how we can support future projects with you, the following trades are of particular interest to us;