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Concrete is a tough, durable finish but it will wear, fracture and break down if enough wear or force is applied.

Warehouses are perhaps busier than we've ever seen, so it's important that repairs are completed quickly, with minimal downtime or disruption to your operations.

Installation teams

As a specialist resin flooring contractor, BIF have always directly employed our own installation teams. This makes us reliable to be on site when you want us; to work safely on site, completing the repairs needed; and to hand the area back, with an assurance that our work will perform once put back in use.


Our role is to minimise disruption to our customer at all times.


Our Services

BIF provide a number of repair services for Warehouse interiors;

Floor Joint Repairs

  • Type 1- Raking out old joint filler, breaking out damaged arris edges, infilling with epoxy mortar before recutting the joint and infilling with a low modulus two-part jointing compound.

  • Type 2 - Saw cutting and breaking out 20-50mm deep to form an apron either side of a badly failed joint. Infill the excavation with fast cure resin mortars, saw cut to reform the joint and infill with a low modulus two-part jointing compound.

  • Type 3 - Saw cutting and breaking out 50-100mm deep, to form an apron and install Cosinus Steel Joint Former. Infill either side of Joint Former with Polymer modified screed/Resin Mortars and grind surface flush with adjacent floor surfaces. Apply penetrating sealer densifier.



cosinus joint.jpg

Above photos show the excavated apron, with Consinus Joint fixed to concrete base and the finished infilled apron, leaving the Cosinus Joint flush with floor surface.

Breathing new life

into old floors...

To find out how our team return even the oldest worn floors to meet required standards;


call us on 01777 709 500

We repair & resurface heavily worn, badly pitted or corroded floors using our unique reconstruction techniques.


We use reinforcement fibres, cement modified screeds or resin mortars to add strength & to regain floor stability.

Dependant on the situation, we chose from high strength rigid screeds or screeds with better flexural qualities to overcome problems on site.


Completed Projects

BIF EP Grip Eco 1 aff.JPG