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BIF have proven Resin systems which provide protection to those being held or staff working in secure environments, preventing self arm and supporting high levels of hygiene and safety underfoot.

BIF provide seamless resin floor and wall finishes to holding cells, washrooms, circulation areas, Kitchens, Laundry & any areas where durability, safety & hygiene are important.

Often forming part of any refurbishment project, BIF have a high level of experience in efficiently repairing aged or damaged surfaces, applying new finishes over existing surfaces or constructing new areas to meet the future needs of the area.

BIF provide a 2 year warranty on repair works and up to 6 years warranty on complete room installations.



BIF have become a recognised specialist in providing safe, durable seamless surfacing in secure environments, with the right answers  for areas such as seclusion suites & custody cells, where the safety of those detained is as important as providing durable  and attractive working surfaces to support the needs of staff.

We've worked in over 30 UK HM Prison, 12 Police Secure & 4 high security mental healthcare hospitals sites in the last 15 years including major New Build Projects and refurbishment works.


Our directly employed team have worked in live wing environments where particular care is needed to minimise disruption & to work effectively.



BIF install resin floor screeds and dress the resin to walls (full height) to provide a tough, non-pick surface in showers.


For obvious reasons the photographs available to show in this sector are scarce, but if you're planning a project involving resin finishes, or you think a resin finish could be an option, please contact us.

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The choice of suitable floor finishes has grown in recent years and BIF can advise on a range of floor coatings or resin screeds. For example, BIF-EP-Quartz proves an exceptionally tough floor and wall finish for secure areas.


Seamless and safe underfoot, it's fibre reinforced structure reduces risk of cracking due to minor structural movement and has been used in many secure sites with great success.