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As well as being specialist resin flooring installers, BIF started installing hygienic wall cladding nearly 20 years ago and became approved installers by a major supplier. We achieved this recognition because of our attention to detail and the quality of our service. 

What you should look out for;

Before choosing a contractor to install hygienic wall cladding;


Make sure its a recognised brand!

There are imitations out there and there are also contractors installing cheap, imported alternative products. You should be looking for a 2.5mm thick UPVC sheet, fully bonded with adhesive.

Make sure trims are from the same supplier

There are cheap trims on the market which can discolour over time.

Watch out for extras creeping in

Pricing may appear to be attractive, but watch for extras such as additional charges to fit around switches, plumbing or to thermoform corners or seal perimeter edges

This same attention to detail and service quality remains with us today, but in a very competitive market it can be easy to overlook the benefits of hiring an experienced, reputable contractor.

How does the subcontractor plan to install it?

A 2500x1220mm sheet is fully bonded with adhesive at a rate of, (increasing to 8 kg/3000x1220mmm sheet). Some contractors  may choose to substitute adhesive for silicon or Grip Fill which although looks fine at Handover, will cause the sheet to distort over time, leaving you with an unattractive mess.

What happens if you get an issue later on?

We will always return to rectify an installation which is causing issues. We provide a 6 Year Installation Warranty on all hygienic wall cladding installations and you'll also receive a 20 Year Product Warranty from our suppliers.


Part of our service;

Provide professional assistance to clients;

  • on technical issues such as product selection, surface preparation, site conditions and installation detailing.

  • with comprehensive and accurate quotations and specifications

  • by liaising with our suppliers to resolve technical difficulties

  • delivering contractual documentation in full and on time.

Demonstrate the highest standards of workmanship when carrying out the installation of systems ensuring at all times that;

  • works are undertaken by qualified, trained and experienced staff utilising approved and appropriate methods and finishing.

  • site personnel are trained and where necessary certified to carry out their duties and are equipped with the required personal protection equipment and safe and serviced tools and equipment.

  • our operatives work in a courteous, tidy, efficient and professional manner, cooperating with the site managers and other trades.

  • all projects are completed to the clients satisfaction and are fully compliant with specifications provided.

Observe all current legislation and best practice including;

  • Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007

  • Construction Skills Certification

  • Health and Safety

  • Environmental, as well as those requirements prescribed by site operators


BIF Services Resin Flooring Altro Whiterock Installation
BIF Services Resin Flooring Chesterfield Eye Centre
Choice of Systems

We're independent so we're happy to supply & install your preferred Cladding System, all strictly in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.

We've developed a close working relationship with BioClad, a leading Wall Cladding supplier, who provide a full range of Hygienic Wall Cladding & Wall Protection systems and generally, rates we supply will include BioClad systems because they provide high quality finishes at very competitive rates. 

Our estimating team are ready to provide competitive rates on any system and will help guide you on the correct specification, or provide advice on detailing how the wall finish will dress neatly to floor finishes, or how we can finish around doors, windows or ceilings.

Our in-house installation team will also provide you with guidance on how to fix through the finish once installed and being our own team, will work with you to minimise disruption while we're on site.

BioClad Certified Installer Logo

For guidance please call 01777 709500

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