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A new floor can support your business

After years of uncertainty, confidence is finally returning to many UK businesses as we start to think about investing in a more profitable future.


Many businesses operate from older premises with old floors. Often overlooked as something which cannot be improved, problem floors are often seen as a unchangeable nuisance to businesses. Many try to improve things by painting the floor, but the durability of these finishes is often debatable.

The photograph above shows a very worn, damaged concrete floor, where the client struggled to move trolleys of finished product across the floor. We were asked to improve the level of the floor and to provide a durable working surface.

BIF have over 40 years of experience helping industry overcome industrial flooring problems. We are here to provide safe, clean and durable floor services for industry.


BIF helped resolve these problems by carrying out concrete repair, strengthening previous repairs before overlaying the floor with a Fibre Reinforced Screed, to level the surface and further strengthen the floor below.

We then finished the new floor with a 3mm thick epoxy screed to provide a smooth and highly durable working surface. All this work was completed in just 6 days and the 230sqm area was handed back to the client on time and at the agreed cost.

Hiring a professional firm to engineer a lasting solution will help you find a lasting answer to support your business. An engineered floor will reduce potential injury from accidents at work, improve staff morale and help you promote business to visiting customers.

Experienced flooring contractors can help you overcome;

  • Oil Contamination

  • Cracked & Uneven Surfaces

  • Damp, Cold Floors

  • Slippery Surfaces

  • Poor floor drainage

  • Hard to clean floors

For further information please visit or call us to discuss on 01777 709500.

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