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4 Reasons why a Resin Floor is better than Vinyl.

Vinyl sheet flooring is used everywhere. Nobody particularly notices it, but its there wherever you turn in hospitals, schools and a million other locations. In wet areas, safety vinyl sprawls across the floor looking as utility as a floor can be and when the welded joints fail (and they do), sheets are ripped up, loaded into skips and transported by truck for Landfill. New vinyl is then stuck down, the joints welded up and the cycle repeats until joint failure occurs again. Pointless.

There is another way.

Choosing a resin floor breaks this cycle for the following reasons;

1. Tougher

Resin flooring can be tougher, stronger and more abrasion resistant than most other surfaces. A resin screed finish is likely to have at least twice the compressive strength of concrete, but will resist chemical attack and staining to a far higher level.

2. Seamless

Resins are truly seamless, needing only a joint where the structural engineer reckons building movement will occur and places an expansion joint. Even then, we apply an improved joint detail bridging floor surfaces with a deep, durable flexible resin to accommodate structural movement.

3. Sustainable

Resin surfaces are easily resurfaced when areas are redecorated or refurbished. No need to rip the old floor out, just reuse the existing floor as a base and apply a new surface. A change of colour, or a different texture allows an old floor to become a new floor; providing easier, cheaper refurbishment and less waste going to landfill.

4. Aesthetics

Resins provide the opportunity to put something different on the floor. Bringing an industrial finish into a commercial environment is cool, but its as logical as it is cool too. An industrial resin finish will take to foot traffic, regular cleaning and occasional coffee spills far better than a vinyl would ever take to forklift trucks, a wipe over once a month and any caustic spills it's likely to encounter, so choosing a resin finish offers long term thinking.

BIF installed a quartz resin screed (above) to a college 7 years ago . Since then over 2000 students have walked across it every day to attend their various courses. Today, each of the colours in the photo (Cream, Red & Brown) still look great and the light colour chosen still provides excellent light reflection. The textured floor surface still provides safety underfoot whilst being easy to clean. << Go To Website Product Page>>

There's a sound rationale behind choosing a resin floor for an office or school corridor which goes far beyond inspirational thinking. In the trade its the 'appearance retention' which values a floor's success on a project and when chosen correctly, resins simply handle this better than anything else. Particularly vinyl.

If anyone would like us to discuss or view the project seen above, please get in touch.

Thanks for reading!

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