Flexible Resin Flooring

Not all resin finishes are hard to the touch. We have flexible resin options too. Sometimes termed as Liquid Vinyl, these systems feel soft underfoot and can help reduce footfall noise.

They are very quick to install too, making them particularly economical over larger areas, where similar trowel applied systems require far more input of labour and time to complete.

These systems are generally installed at between at 4mm thickness. A flexible self flowing screed is great in large public circulation areas where they are extremely easy to clean and can easily be refinished during refurbishment by simply adding a new coated surface, retaining the base layer for superb sustainability on a project.

Being flexible, this surface is also ideal for use on Timber floors where an amount of deflection is anticipated.

A great floor surface for high spec office interiors, showrooms and atrium locations.

Cost Guide/m2

(ex VAT)

Prices are for budgetary purposes only. They make allowance for all labour, Plant & materials required. Pricing based on the work area being within 100 miles of Retford, Notts and that work can be completed within Normal Working Hours. Rates provided assume that the condition of the base requires no significant repair or additional preparation. We require electrical power, sufficient heating and light provided free of charge by the customer. If Cove Detailing is required please add £30.00/lin m.