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Seamless Sports Flooring 

BIF have teamed up with Conica to provide a Sports Flooring Package, using their class leading polyurethane internal sports surfaces.


Available as Point Elastic or Area Elastic systems these remarkable systems provide several benefits over other materials (such as linoleum, PVC, wood), which reduce the risk of injury to athletes of all ages, protect the joints and at the same time provide high foot stability.


Customers will benefit from our knowledge of concrete repair, surface level regulation and our intense attention to detail, which sets us apart from many similar contractors.

We remain one of the few specialist contractors to directly employ our installation teams, who have worked on some of the most complex projects in the UK. We have  extensive knowledge of Conica Functional systems & our development into Sports Flooring is a logical move, given that the techniques used very closely mirror the functional flooring systems.

Every BIF installation carries our assurance that the floor we install will perform too, so if you are planning a project please get in touch to see how we can support the project.

Sports Hall Flooring 


Our complete range of sports hall flooring are suitable for schools & FE sites, Leisure Centres & fitness centres. By working closely with Conica, our preferred sports flooring manufacturer, BIF are able to provide very high quality sports flooring installations at a very competitive cost.

Correct preparation is the key to any successful project and as part of our package, BIF carry out necessary surface repairs, so that the resin materials we install will perform and will continue to perform for years.


Whilst installation of the various sports flooring systems is second nature to our team, we also have a leading line marking specialist on board to complete often complex line marking with both speed & accuracy; approved by Conica too.

BIF provide durable seamless surfacing for safe, comfortable and easy to clean sports environments.

All floorings for sports and multi-functional halls need individually adjustable mechanical properties: hardness, elasticity elongation. The technical team at Conica will help guide you to the most stuitable sports flooring system and once identified, we'll quickly confirm costs for the project to you.


CONICA offer a flooring solution for virtually every purpose and every type of sports. Visually, the variety of colour combinations is almost limitless, whether unicoloured or multicoloured – almost any design can be created. Additionally CONICA offer systems with low emissions and high fire protection.


BIF also have complimentary services available too, for covering walls & columns with tough, wipe down hygienic UPVC Wall Cladding, or seamless resin floor finishes for changing rooms, showers or physio rooms, ensuring the highest hygiene standards and exceptional durability.

We provide high quality surfaces for sports projects. BIF, with the support of Conica, we provide value and complete projects with an installation which lasts for years. 


Sports Flooring Options





Due to its flexible PU surface of 2 – 3mm, when stressed with a point load, the surface locally absorbs load.

We can increase the amount of cushioning,  damping and protective properties can be individually adjusted by the thickness of the elastic layer. 


In addition, CONIPUR HG features a low build-up height.

Ideal for numerous types of sports, CONIPUR HG is ideally suited for use in children’s and youth sports and significantly reduces the risk of injury due to its high force reduction.

Meets all important international norms and standards. Acknowledged by IHF, FIBA and BWF.




CONIPUR HG-1 goes a steop further, to provide additional cushioning under load.  It features a point elastic top layer equipped with a rubber absorption pad below the surface.

This improves foot stability and sliding behaviour, as well as ball rebound and accessibility with sports equipment.


In addition to its low build-up height,      CONIPUR KF features a high force reduction.


Meets all important international norms and technical standards. Approved by FIBA.




CONIPUR KF is a mixed-elastic sports system featuring a point elastic top layer equipped with a surface-stiffening hard matrix.

When a point load is applied, the surface absorbs the footprint of the load which is slightly bigger compared that seen on a point elastic sports floor.

This improves foot stability and sliding behaviour, as well as ball rebound and accessibility with sports equipment.


In addition to its low build-up height,      CONIPUR KF features a high force reduction.


Meets all important international norms and technical standards. Approved by FIBA.





CONIPUR AE forms a large area of deformation when stressed with a point load, exceeding considerably the circumference of the directly impacted area. 


With the added area stiffening intermediate layer, CONIPUR AE offers a very good foot stability for the sportsman.


Due to the rigid timber matrix, the accessibility and load with sports equipment, as well as the multi-purpose use is almost unlimited. 


The requirements regarding the flatness of the sub-base are lower compared to the point and mixed elastic sports floorings. 


Meets all important international norms and technical standards.

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