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Stainless Steel Drainage 

Hygienic Walls & Ceilings

Industrial Resin Flooring



We provide a new approach to specifiers looking for better answers in seamless resin flooring. 

We understand the need to provide the accountability that a specified resin floor will perform in use & that the detailing and appearance of the floor will be as critical to you as it is to your client.

After over 40 years looking at little else, we understand the limitations of resin materials & how they'll react in given situations. We know how to avoid problems by correctly specifying the right finish & if you prefer, our guidance will provide suitable generic information, which you can later have confirmed by the successful resin flooring manufacturer.

Involved early in a project design & we provide options, costs and support the project through the Tender process. Where we're competitive, we'll complete the installation & using our directly employed installation teams & continue to support your client's new floor, long after hand-over.

In a sector of construction known to be problematic, we achieve consistent high quality by providing support, guidance & a complete solution to achieving excellent, durable & attractive resin floor finish.



Our Laid to Last tagline was introduced 2 years ago at a time when we were regularly hearing of projects (that we had lost to others), failing.


Installation failure is bad for our business; even if we haven't caused the failure; so we wanted to set our expertise out clearly.


Incorrect specification, poor preparation & awful installation quality can leave many customers with a mess and our business is all about providing quality, accountability & value.

Our Assurance of Performance is our detailed commitment to putting right whatever we may have not got right, first time round and this initiative now represents the biggest single business builder we have.

Every BIF installation has a minimum 12 month defects assurance (5 years in most cases).

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seamless floors

Different by Design

We offer much more than the standard resin finishes you'll find widely available in the UK.


We import unique systems from Germany & Switzerland which allow us to provide better solutions; improving flatness and level, improving surface consistency & giving added protection for your floor against cracking.

We tailor a floor to what you need and by being able to value engineer it, ensure that you receive the right answer at a great price.


Typical Characteristics

  • Medium & Heavy Duty versions

  • Uses 20% Recycled material

  • Suited to new, existing or damp sub floors

  • Fibre Reinforced Structure

  • Impervious & highly chemical resistant

  • Solvent Free & low VOC

  • Smooth or Textured by design


The images on the right are just a few examples of our systems, with anti-static and fast cure versions available too.

These systems are supplied with our 5 Year Installation Warranty*



*1 Year for Floor Coatings

EP Grip 3D.PNG

BIF - EP - Grip Eco


Tough finishes for heavy industrial use with slip resistant surfacing

BIF - P - Elastic Industrial


Crack Bridging, flexible Polyurethane resin with a smooth surface finish. 

EP Quartz 3D.PNG

BIF - EP - Quartz


Highly versatile & decorative industrial flooring system, suited to a wide range of Production & circulation areas.

BIF - PU - Mortar HD

Extremely durable heavy duty industrial floor screed. Available as textured or smooth surfacing ideal for Production areas subject to hot liquid contact.

Hygienic Walls

The complete floor, wall & ceiling package 

Using a single contractor for the internal finishes package saves you time, reduces cost and ensures a better finish.


We've been involved with hygienic wall cladding for nearly 20 years and provide quality systems which last for years.


We provide Thermoformed corners, use two-part adhesive and employ our own installation teams to ensure quality, speed and reliability are maintained at all times.

We also provide spray applied Hygienic Wall Coatings, Epoxy Renders and Stainless Steel Wall finishes, giving you full choice in projects where performance finishes are needed.

Car Dealership workshop walls protected with PVCu Hygienic Wall Cladding

BIF-EP-Quartz V Epoxy Render to Seclusion Room

Quartz Epoxy Render applied to walls to a Seclusion Suite in a high security hospital.

Our Projects