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BIF EP Coat-202

BIF EP Coat-202

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A thicker, high build coloured epoxy coating provides a smoother finish. Suited to high traffic areas, when correctly applied this coating will last years.

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Colour - available to order: dark grey
  • About this product

    This coating must be applied to dry surfaces & the concrete must contain a Damp Proof Course (if in doubt add a coat of BIF DPM Primer before applying).

  • Description

    BIF EP Coat-202 is a two-component solvent free epoxy high build floor coating offering excellent durability with high abrasion and chemical resistance.

    BIF EP Coat-202 provides a tough, hard wearing coating for medium duty traffic giving high film build and wear resistance.

  • Appearance

    Gloss finish in a range of attractive colours.

  • Typical Uses

    For medium duty areas requiring an easy to clean, tough and durable coating with excellent chemical resistance such as warehouses, factories, workshops, showrooms, packing and storage areas.

    Can also be used as a sealcoat for broadcast systems, where flake decoration or aggregate is added for added slip resistance.

    BIF EP Coat-202 is suitable for regular foot traffic, light duty fork lift truck traffic wheeled trolleys.

  • Product Highlights

    • High build with excellent wear resistance

    • Protects concrete from oil and chemical spillages

    • Virtually solvent free

    • Gloss, easy to clean finish

    • Non-dusting

    • Slip-resistant options available


  • Coverage

    The coverage rate will vary depending on the texture and porosity of the substrate, film thickness and application technique. Two coats are normally sufficient but on very porous substrates, an initial coat of BIF EP Prime DPM may be required.

    As a guide, on a normal substrate:

    1st coat - 375 g/m2 (13.3m2 per 5kg unit)

    2nd coat - 250 g/m2 (20.0m2 per 5kg unit)

  • Thickness

    Approximately 400 microns from two coats.

  • Application

    Thoroughly mix Part A (coloured base) by mixer paddle attached to a standard drill (using a slower speed setting) for approx 2 minutes. Pour the contents of Part B (Hardener) into the Part A component and using the mixing paddle, thoroughly mix the resin for approximately 2 minutes so that no colour variation can be seen. Apply coating to perimeter edges by paint brush before pouring the resin in a strip 100-200mm wide across the room and spread the resin by paint roller to achieve a consistent surface finish.

    Allow to cure 24 hours before application of a 2nd coat.

    BIF EP Coat-202 is a quite a thick coating. Do not apply outside of the range 10 °C to 25 °C. Localised heating or cooling equipment may be required outside this range to achieve ideal temperature conditions.

    The coating may be affected by “blooming” (white hazing caused by condensation or contact with moisture prior to final cure), therefore we advise that the climate above the uncured floor should be maintained at least 3 °C above the dew point for at least 48 hours after application.

  • Surface Preparation

    Concrete & Polymer Modified Sand/Cement Screeds Substrates in contact with the ground must incorporate a functional damp proof membrane in accordance with CP 102 or in the case of basement floors, BS 8102.

    The base should have a relative humidity at the surface of no more than 75% when measured according to BS 8203.

    We recommend that the coating is only applied to cementitious surfaces with a compressive strength of 26N/mm2 or above when tested using a rebound hammer in accordance with BS EN 12504-2 type N and pull-off strengths in excess of 1.5 N/mm2 when tested in accordance with BS EN 13892-8.

    Not recommended for use on Anhydrite Screeds.

  • Responsible Disposal

    Resin containers can be classified as general waste provided that all resin residue has cured hard. To achieve this rub the residue of parts A & B together with a brush thoroughly to start the chemical cure reaction. Ensure components are fully cured and hard before disposing of.

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