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BIF EP Prime-110

BIF EP Prime-110

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BIF EP Prime-110 is a two-component solvent-free liquid applied surface damp proof membrane and residual moisture suppressant. After curing, BIF EP Primer-110 provides a surface membrane with excellent adhesion to damp concrete and polymer modified sand/cement screeds. Hygrometer readings up to 98% RH as measured in accordance with BS 8203:2001 can be accommodated.


BIF EP Prime-110 is a primer for use as a coating over cementitious surfaces which have high levels of residual moisture. This product is not suitable for use over under-floor heating systems. Thickness 225 microns.

  • Substrate

    The concrete substrate must be sound and of sufficient compressive strength (minimum 25 N/mm2 ) with a minimum pull off strength of 1.5 N/mm2 . Inadequate preparation will lead to loss of adhesion and potential failure. In coatings or flow-applied systems, there is a tendency for the finish to mirror imperfections in the substrate. Grinding or light vacuum contained shotblasting is therefore preferred.

    Hydrostatic pressure may, under certain circumstances, cause adhesive failure between the flooring and the substrate. Where this is likely to occur, such as in areas where the ground water table is higher than the substrate, and where external tanking has not been applied, pressure relief must be provided e.g. by direct drainage. In new construction, for concrete bases in contact with the ground, a damp-proof membrane should be incorporated into the slab design, in accordance with the requirements of CP 102, in order to prevent ground moisture adversely affecting the resin flooring. In the case of basement floors in contact with the ground, the provisions of BS 8102 should be followed.

  • Application

    BIF EP Prime-110 is a two-component product.

    Fully drain the contents of the hardener component into the lightly coloured resin component and mix thoroughly with a slow speed electric stirrer fitted with a spiral paddle, for a minimum of 3 minutes until homogeneous.

    Application Conditions: Ideal ambient and substrate temperature is 15 - 25 °C to achieve best results. Localised heating or cooling equipment may be required outside these parameters.

    The substrate and uncured floor must be kept at least 3° C above the dew point to reduce the risk of condensation or blooming on the surface for at least 48 hours after application.

    Apply evenly using a notched trowel (1.5 mm x 5 mm V shaped) and flatten out the ridges with a pre-wetted-out short pile roller whilst still wet.

    Do not exceed the coverage rate of 4 m2 /kg, as it is essential that each coat should be no less than 200 microns in thickness.

    It is essential that BIF EP Prime-110 is pin-hole free and continuous with absolutely no gaps or cavities. If this is not the case, an additional coat should be applied. If a sand scatter is required for key or profile (for when applying a resin screed etc), this should be applied to a 2nd coat of BIF EP Prime-110.


    Allow for 4 m2 /kg/coat (at 225 microns/per coat). Coverage will be reduced by rough, porous substrates and if installing at lower temperatures, more material may be required to achieve the minimum wet film thickness requirements.

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