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High Performance Resin Floors, Hygienic Walls & Ceilings




Public Sector Flooring Supplies & Services Framework

The Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) are a purchasing consortium, owned and run by the Public Sector.


The CPC provide their growing number of members with specialist advice on best spending practices & how to obtain best value for money. The Framework is open for any Public Sector body.

The new framework is designed to meet the requirements of it's members for the provision of Resin Flooring Services & is fully compliant with OJEU Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015).


There are additionally other types of flooring supplies available to members too so if you're also looking for vinyl, wood or carpet, please visit the CPC website by following the link below...

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Our message to CPC Members


We were delighted to have been selected as a supplier & installer of Resin Flooring on the CPC Resin Flooring Framework.  


Our award follows a rigorous assessment at Tender, ensuring that we measured for installation quality, the level of service we provide & the level of post-contract warranties & support we offer. 


The CPC recognised that our company’s mission to deliver high quality, great service & good value represented a major part of our business process & being acknowledged by the CPC, as a trusted partner, is very important to us; we are ready to provide CPC members with the best service & quality available in our sector. 


In support of the CPC Framework, our management team are ready to help you choose the right resin floor & our Installation Teams are ready to provide a great quality installation. We're here to make your decison in choosing a resin floor finish easy, so if we can help in any way, please let us know.


We provide full technical guidance too, so if you have a question, please pick the phone up & call 01777 709500 and our team will be happy to provide technical or budgeting advice.


Simon Bellamy

Managing Director

Resin Flooring for FE & Public Sector

Our products provide safe, hardworking surfaces for busy circulation areas, laboratories, kitchens, changing rooms & washrooms. They're also great for  sports halls, teaching areas & break-out zones. 


Our attention to detail enables tough, durable industrial surfaces to sit nicely within Public Spaces, providing highly durable seamless surfaces, which are attractive, safe underfoot & easy to clean.

We have rigid & flexible systems, anti-static systems & slip resistant options to provide safety and high durability.


Every resin finish we install will have a 3 Year Comprehensive Warranty.

Do I need a Resin Floor?

We like to think so! Unlike with many other finishes, most people know very little about resin flooring, so most calls we receive are from people wanting to understand why they should consider a resin floor. Our team will answer any question you may have and spend time finding the right answers for you.


A Resin Floor can solve many problems, but it's really important for us that we understand your project fully, what you're needs are & how the floor will be used. All this information helps us to recommend the most suited system.


An initial call to discuss what you're looking for will be very helpful to us, so please call us on 01777 709500.

Polyurethane Resins offer flexible surfacing, ideal for sports halls. This 6mm thick sports surface provides Point Elastic protection for reduced injury from impact.

Floors for everything

There are many different types of resin floor. From a simple paint coating for Plant Rooms, to heavy duty screeds for School Kitchens. 


Resin floors have all sorts of uses and often provide a better solution for certain areas. Sports Halls for example, benefit from Point Elastic (or Area Elastic) sports surfaces made from polyurethane resins.


We lay a cushioning baselayer before applying a flexible resin surface in sprorts halls to provide a combination of underfoot comfort, noise reduction and reduced fatigue or injury. 

We similarly install flexible polyurethane flooring systems  in Break Out Zones or in Libraries, where noise reduction and comfort underfoot are desirable.

We partner with Conica, a leading provider of sports surfacing and producer of the latest polyurethane technology to produce beautiful flexible resin floor installations.

Self smoothing resins are ideal for staircases.

This staircase uses a 4mm thick self smoothing resin to provide a seamless finish which will take high traffic levels, but is easy to clean, safe underfoot and which won't curl at edges.

Friendly Advice & Guidance


Our advisors are ready to take your call and provide guidance to help you decide which resin floor would be most suitable. You'll also recieve options, budget costs and we'll answer any question you have.

Call Center

On Site Guidance

If you're interested to find out more, we can also arrange for a survey to be completed by an appointed BIF Relationship Manager (RM) and you'll then recieve an itemised Quotation within a few days. Our surveys are always free from cost or obligation.

With You, Every Step...

To make life easy, your RM will be your go-to point of contact for every stage of the project & will remain on hand during & after the project has been handed over. RM's are there to support you and will remain contactable and in touch at each stage of our work with you. 

Call us now on 01777 709 500

Social Responsibility

Each BIF installation will be completed by our directly employed installation teams, but if you prefer we can involve local labour to add  social value to your community, who will work under our supervision. 

We'll also ensure that local businesses can benefit too, by supplying equipment or materials we may need to complete the project. Ultimately, the additional work the CPC Framework will attract will allow us to invest in training & developing new staff to work with us.


Over 90% of waste material produced from our project work is recycled by our waste management provider; we've been routinely splitting our waste for recycling for nearly 15 years.


Very little fresh material is wasted, with our team trained to decant & measure materials on site to avoid unecessary waste.  All unused materials are returned to our stores for use on future projects. Aggregates are routinely recycled from projects and reused & we're also able to offer recycled stone or glass (used to fill our resins) on request.

Our resin finishes are water based or solvent free & are completely inert once chemically cured. Our installations will last for years too, but real value of our systems is that many can be later resurfaced, allowing continued long term use; a significant benefit over vinyl sheet flooring or ceramic tiling.

We believe that a resin floor should last at least as long as a vinyl sheet floor; indeed longer when specified for use in wet or heavily trafficked environments, so by choosing a resin floor, longevity and the potential to refurbish the finish is fast  becoming a serious consideration when planning a project.

Circulation areas need an attractive, hard wearing floor surface. Large areas of floor look so much better without joints too and BIF have a range of optional surface finishes to choose.

Toughness with Safety

A resin floor provides the durability of a ceramic floor tile, with the slip resistance of vinyl safety floor. It is impervious, easy to clean and will withstand years of continuous use.

BIF also provide Hygienic PVCu Wall Cladding, Hygienic Celings and  we have a complete option to tilt the floor to Stainless Steel Drainage so that puddles are avoided after spillage, or to aid cleaning.

We recommend our Quartz epoxy EP-Quartz System, with it's fibre reinforced Regulating Layer and incredibly hard wearing Quartz aggregated surface, which gives an attractive touch to a hard working area.

Special Care 

A resin floor has proven itself in Mental Healthcare or areas of special needs. Seamless surfaces prevent self harm of those in care and our experience in Seclusion Room wall & floor surfacing is unsurpassed, having completed hundreds of bedroom, ensuite & seclusion projects over a period of 20 years.

Our EP-Quartz finish provides a safe, impervious and decorative surface and will different surfaces available we can achieve underfoot safety on floors with smooth wall finishes.

Interior & Exterior Finishes

Options for using a resin finish don't stop inside a building, there are exterior resin surfaces too.


A choice of either Resin Bound & Resin Bonded finishes allow you to have tired external tarmac and concrete areas refurbished quickly with attractive natural aggregates. SuDS compliant finishes are also available on request.