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Standard epoxy primer

DPM epoxy primer


Low Viscosity Primer


Water Based epoxy 

High Build epoxy 

BIF EP Coat-204

Moisture tolerant epoxy 

Clear epoxy 


BIF PU Seal-410

Satin UV Stable Sealer

Line Marking

BIF EP Line-205

High Solids line marking

External Resin Driveway Systems

BIF PU Bound-701

PU external binder resin 

BIF PU Bonded-702

PU external coating resin

BIF PU Sealer-710

UV stable sealer resin

Aggregates & Fillers

BIF DecorQuartz

Coloured Quartz Aggregate

BIF EP Decorflake

Decorative Chipped Flake

Cast Resins

BIF PU Comfort-350

Elastomeric Resin Screed

Flexible Joint Fillers

BIF EP Joint - 602

Flexible Joint Compound

Repair Compounds & Mortars

BIF EP Mastic - 600

Epoxy repair mortar

BIF PU HD Mortar

Heavy Duty Screed

We've already outlined our product range but have yet to finalise the source of every product in our range. This will be complete over the next few weeks.

The products not yet available are greyed out, but they will be arriving shortly.

Thanks for your patience while we finalise our range, but if you need to buy any of the products we're finalising, please get in touch because we're almost sure to have the material in stock & will make it available with a substitute product to the same specification.

For assistance please call;


01777 709 500

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