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indonesia 2013

BIF will go to incredible lengths to meet the needs of our customer.


In 2013 BIF completed our first overseas project in Indonesia. The project involved the refurbishment of an existing manufacturing plant, on behalf of a key customer of ours here in the UK.


The project was completed on time, on budget and to the complete satisfaction of our customer.

With the concept of working overseas now proven, the idea of combining our experience and hiring locally sourced labour & equipment dramatically reduces costs for employing to to complete a project overseas.


We can deliver a high quality installation anywhere in the world, completing the work safely and provide assurances for performance and durability.

BIF  will provide a Feasibility Report with estimated costs to any overseas client. On approval, BIF will then fly out to meet your team on site and discuss the project, completing a full survey with recommendations and finalising a programme.


The initial visit will double as a fact finding visit and BIF will locate and meet with local specialist labour & suppliers who we will employ, to help complete the project.


Our involvement will be to work with locally sourced companies, training them on our techniques and working with them on the project. BIF will install & oversee the entire installation.


Plant, equipment & materials will all be sourced locally, allowing you to maintain your supply chain and support local businesses


On completion the project will be handed over to you, with support of the local contractor, now fully trained on our preparation & installation techniques, they will provide post contract cover and assistance.

Very competitively priced, a quality installation completed on time and to agreed costs.

Case Study - Indonesia

Our Client was involved in the manufacture of aviation components in Asia & the Far East. The factory had been built as an Engineering Works in the 1950's and over many years the floor had been in contact with oils & lubricants.


High modern manufacturing standards dictated that a clean manufacturing environment was paramount. The Client had previously employed several local contractors to paint the existing floor finish however, premature failure of coatings was commonplace and the Client regularly faced constant reinvestment to apply more paint.


Our Brief & Scope


BIF were given just 3 weeks to install a durable floor finish.

BIF would be expected to overcome the oil contamination issues which caused premature failure of resin finishes.

The new finish would need to be easily repaired by local contractors as the floor became worn or if further damage occurred once the contract had been completed.

The floor area was 2000sqm

The factory would remain in production throughout.


BIF would need to work around client machinery, keep dust levels to a minimum and be aware of the safety of others working in the area.


The Completed Project


Using our proven techniques, we overcame preparation issues and applied the chosen finish using a combination of BIF installers and locally sourced resin flooring labour.


Locally sourced suppliers provided resin materials, necessary Plant and labour to complete the project.


The project completed on time and to the agreed cost.


Return Maintenance Call


6 months after our completion the Client called to report some minor areas required some attention. BIF contacted the local resin contractor and arranged for the work to be completed without additional cost to the Client.

  • We'll agree fixed project costs

  • Involve locally sourced skilled labour to work alongside our own experienced people

  • We understand the importance of full & correct preparation

  • We are a leading UK specialist resin contractor

  • We can provide full Risk Assessment & Method Statements

  • We employ advanced installation techniques

  • We will train your local specialists on techniques so that they can continue to maintain the resin floor once we've left.

  • We have known contact partners in Indonesia, Brazil, France, Spain, Dubai & the USA.

Future Overseas Projects

BIF are seeking further opportunities to work overseas.


BIF have been installing resin floor finishes for over 40 years. Our experience, knowledge and techniques allow us to achieve very high standards of installation.


By using the work in Indonesia as a Project Model, we can provide a proven ability to work with and involve local specialists, whilst employing our own skills, labour and techniques to achieve the best possible outcome on a resin flooring project.



How involving BIF can help you on  future projects