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Performance Flooring & Hygienic Walls

Although we're predominantly a Commercial Contractor, we have completed Residential projects for private clients and builders. Over recent years, the use of commercial grade resin in domestic properties has grown, so we're ready to provide guidance and install resin surfacing and hygienic wall finishes to your property.


New Options for residential interiors

Ceramic tile, wood, carpet and vinyl flooring have long been staple choices for homeowners seeking the latest designs in durable flooring.


More recently, achieving sleek, seamless minimalist design has grown in popularity and a growth in resin flooring for residential property has led us to seriously consider our part in this sector.

Over 10 years ago, at a time when a resin floor largely remained in the factory or workshop, BIF started to look at resin floors differently.

We visited several companies in Iceland, Germany, France & Switzerland and met with people who did things very differently to the way the UK viewed a resin floor. They had new, alternative products and they considered a resin floor the very best option for an office floor, a home, a school or public library.

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BIF will assist by providing a range of suitable systems for you to consider. Clear pricing will provide you with an understanding of cost savings when compared with many other materials you may be considering.

Residential Projects

For guidance on options available,  call us 

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